Abilities United advances advocacy, inclusion, and independence for people with developmental disabilities.


Abilities United is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization funded through a combination of public and private support including California Department of Rehabilitation, the Regional Centers, City of Palo Alto, City of Sunnyvale, fundraising events, and gifts from individuals, foundations, and corporations.

83% of our annual budget goes to direct services.  You can view our most recent 990 and other financial reports or request our final audited financial statements.

Our local community is critical to the health of our organization and to the well being of the people we serve. We are grateful for the generous support of thousands of individuals and organizations that have invested in the individuals at Abilities United in FY 2013/2014.

Special Gift of $500,000Special Gift of $250,000Special Gifts of $100,000+ Visionaries Benefactors Leaders Achievers Investors Sustainers Supporters In-kind and Vehicle Donors  MemorialsHonorariumsLegacy DonorsEndowment Donors




* indicates member of the
   Abilities United Caring Circle
+ indicates donor for 10 -19 years
++ indicates donor for 20+ years

special gift of $500,000

The Robert R. Snell Trust+
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special gift of $250,000

The David and Lucile Packard Foundation++
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special gifts of $100,000+

Moore Family Foundation
Lee and Merrill Newman*+
Bill Reller*++
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visionaries $50,000-$100,000

May and Stanley Smith Charitable Trust+
Sobrato Family Foundation++
The Hans & Elizabeth Wolf Foundation*+
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benefactors $25,000-$49,999

City of Palo Alto
James McClelland and Heidi Feldman, M.D.*
Susan and Michael Hahn*+
Karen Moore and Peter Watkins*
Elizabeth and Mark Moragne*+
Nancy Mueller+
Susan and Franklin Orr++
Betty and Donald Ostrus, D.D.S.*++
Ellen and Mike Turbow*++
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leaders $10,000-$24,999

American Technologies, Inc.
Nasrallah and Eqbal Behbehani
Shirley K. Bob++
Wallace and Thomas Brunner
Debbie and Jeff Byron*+
Civic Ventures
Ellen and Tom Ehrlich*+
El Camino Hospital
Flora Family Foundation+
Lynn and Jim Gibbons++
Susan and Harry Hartzell, Jr.*++
Hurlbut-Johnson Charitable Trusts
Laurie T. Jarrett*++
Christina Kenrick*+
Carol Leynse+       
Rachel and Adam Paley+
Melinda and Stan Parry*+
Fabian Pease
Sally Rathman Kadifa & Abdo George Kadifa - The Rathmann Family*+
Bud Rubin*+
Sand Hill Foundation+
Rachel and Simon Segars
Carol and Mike Shealy
John and Jennifer Wagstaff-Hinton
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achievers $5,000-$9,999

Carrie Anderson+
Autism Speaks
Bruce Bingham
Charitable Auto Resources Inc.
Cisco Systems Foundation++
City of Sunnyvale
Nancy Drapkin++
Tom Dunlop
Shirley Ely*++
Mary and Clinton Gilliland
Robert A. Grimm
Eva and Andrew Grove
David and Alice Herbst+
Intuit Foundation+
Antje and Paul Newhagen
Paula and Michael Rantz
David and Judith Richardson++
San Jose Mercury News++
Richard Sapp
Jessie Schilling*++
Ellen and Dennis Smith
Maddy and Isaac Stein*++
Jerry Strom++
Sandra and John Thompson
James Van Zoeren
Mary Weersing++
Wells Fargo Foundation*++
Betty and Jim White
Brenda and Bill Younger
Larry Yu
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investors $1,000-$4,999

Edward Acton
Janice and William Anderson
Mary Anderson and Salvador Gutierrez
Susie and Doug Barton+
Brian Beckwith*
Benevity Social Ventures, Inc.
Georgia Bennicas
Frank Berry, Jr.
Blue Oak Foundation*+
Susan Bockus and Michael Brown++
Books Inc.
Gerrie and Dick Boucher
Liz Bowman+
Nelly and John Bracken, Jr.
Carolyn Brennan*++
Marcie and Chet Brown
Elaine Chan
Imogene and Frederick Chancellor++
Gail and Bruce Chizen+
Gary and Sue Conway++
Tom and Neva Cotter++
The Honorable Alden E. Danner and Mrs. Ann Danner
Jean and Dexter Dawes++
De Mattei Construction
Rick and Amanda Dill
Beverly and Charles Donohue
Margaret Dorfman+
Mary and Stan Doten*+
Karen and Alan Douglass++
Dudley-Vehmeyer-Brown Memorial Foundation++
Richard Dvorak and Erin Craig+
Rosemary and Alain Enthoven*++
First Congregational Church of Palo Alto++
Julie Fouquet and George Zdasiuk
Henry and Phyllis Gauthier++
The Carl Gellert and Celia Berta Gellert Foundation
Betsy Gifford*++
Florence and Steven Goldby++
Google Matching Gifts Program
Joan and Stuart Greene
Janet and Wylie Greig+
Geri Hadley and Ronald Coté*++
Ruth and Ben Hammett++
Sara and Mike Hammond+
Eleanor and Bruce Heister+
Hewlett Packard Foundation++
The Hitz Foundation
Stacey Keare and John Hodge+
Alex Hua and Timothy Coogan
Wende and Tom Hutton
Susan and Joel Hyatt+
Pat Irish*+
Ellen Jones+
Jere and Bern King
James Marks and Patricia Kinney++
Kleitman Foundation++
Knights of Columbus #2677+
Janice and Albert Kogura+
Dorothy Lazier+
Philip Letts*+
Sue and Richard Levy++
Chris and Dan Logan*+
Amber MacMillan and Erwan Rivet
Chris and Melody Malachowsky+
Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP
Mr. Jay McClelland
Theresa McDonald and Nelson Ishiyama+
Tashia and John Morgridge
Morrison & Foerster Foundation+
Tami and Timothy Mulcahy*++
Richard and Carol Doup Muller+
Elizabeth and Chris Nordlinger
Palo Alto Stanford Aquatics
Polly and Hank Parker*++
Jane Paulson+
James and Sonya Peters+
Helene Pier++
David Ritson+
Elizabeth and Mark Schar
Dianne P. Schilling++
Carol McIntosh and Larry Seiders*++
Leonard Shustek and Donna Dubinsky++
Jane and Larry Solomon
Joe and Christine Stafford*+
Peggy and Art Stauffer*
Lynda Steele*+
Una Stephens-Hardy+
Thoits Insurance/NFP
TOSA Foundation*+
Michael and Margie Scott Tucker
Olenka Villarreal
Anne Vitullo and Jonathan Poe+
Beth and Kurt von Emster*+
Stefanie Wauk and Chad Little
Beth Wegbreit
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Wilsey
Wilson, Sonsini, Goodrich & Rosati Foundation++
Wanda and Larry Wong
Kingsley and Lansing Wood+
Jack and Ruth Woodruff
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sustainers $500-$999

American Express
Marilyn Austin+
Kathy Berry
John and Lu Bingham++
Linda and Ray Chin*
Anne and Terry Clark+
Laura and Art Cohen++
Hank V. Cox+
Melanie and Peter Cross
John and Mary Dahlquist++
Peggy and Yogen Dalal
Gordon and Carolyn Davidson++
John Davies
Bunny Dawson++
Philip Decker
Doug and Julie Dennerline
Dwight Diercks+
Dennis and Cindy Dillon++
Karen and David Dolkas+
E. Keith Brown & Co.
Deborah and John Eastburn
Mike Fagan
Shannon and Thomas Fallon
Scott Fink and Kathy Klein
First Republic Bank
Jeanne and Frank Fischer+
Jerianne Foley*++
Jan Fong
Ford Land Company, LLC
Jennifer Foster and Sam Zucker
Anne and Buzz Frahn
Carol C. and Joel P. Friedman, M.D.*++
Judith and Monty Frost++
Lyrel Gillette
Nancy and Richard Goldcamp
Michele and Michael Greenfield, M.D.
Rose Grymes-Freidland
Patricia and Jess Gutierrez
Ron Haak+
Margie and Bob Harrington++
The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation
Kelly and Randy Hicks
Homecare California
Nathaniel Houle
Lynne Huffman and Allan Reiss
Sara and Ricardo Jenez+
Elizabeth Kamath
J. Kannegaard and P. Sandoval++
Elizabeth Roth and Ronald Katz
Dr. Steven P. Ketchpel
Barry Kramer
Gigi Kubursi
Amy and Stephen Kwan
David Lang+
Leslie Family Foundation
Dale Liebes+
Ira Lit and Jin Choo
Worth and Andy Ludwick+
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce W. Madding
Roxane Marenberg
David F. Martin++
Daniel Mason and Sara Houghteling
Juanita Mast and Jeanne Durnford*+
Jim Mathrusse
Patty and Steve Mayer
Jim Meikrantz and Carol Whiteley
Shana and David Middler
Leslie and Douglas Murphy-Chutorian+
Eliane and Armand Neukermans++
Tami Newcombe
Peggy and Boyce Nute++
Carolyn Orida
Martin Pearce
Peet's Coffee and Tea
Polycom, Inc.
Margery and William Quackenbush++
Mary Radu and Richard Auger+
Kathy and Gary Reback
Gordon Reetz and Susan Lee
Linda and Joe Roark++
Patrick and Marilyn Romzek
Mary Ann Russo and James Fenlon+
David Schultz
Cynthia Schwabacher-Jamplis
SF Tsunami Masters
Silver Lake Kraftwerk Management Co.
Margot Parker and Joel Spolin+
SRI International++
Phil and Sara Sunshine
Colleen and Geoff Tate
Allyn and John Taylor
Susan and Carl Thomsen++
Clinton Tobias++
Constance Tomal+
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Turk++
United Way Silicon Valley++
Marian and Jeffrey Urman++
Vinotechque Wine Cellars
Sandra and Charles Welch
Wilson, Sonsini, Goodrich & Rosati
Howard and Kat Wolf+
Larry and Vickie Yamaoka
Ann and Geoff Ziman+
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supporters $250-$499

Ellen and Tom Abels+
Ada's Café
Aron and Mari Chazen+
Nisha Advani and Arun Tolani
Agilent Technologies+
Mary Ellen Akers++
Leah and John Akers-Bell+
Karen Allen
Kristi and Ken Allen-Ristow+
Jeanne and Mike Althouse+
Maya Altman+
Amgen Foundation
Apple, Inc.+
Ronald and Marcella Ariagno
M. H. Aung, M.D.+
Peg Austin++
Laurie Baldwin and Mark Mickelson
Penelope and Patrick Barrett++
Gwen Barry+
Karen Bartholomew
Laura Barton-Holding
Jennifer Basiji
Louise and Stuart Beattie+
Adele and Bill Behn++
Christine Bennett
Eileen and Joel Birnbaum++
John Bradfield
Tharin Braya
Janice Brody and Bruce Rule
Beth Ann Brown
Tracy Brown
Marda Buchholz+
Tracey Burbage+
Camino Pharmacy
Theresa Canizzaro
Ingela and Peter Carlsson
Mary Ann Carmack, M.D. and Rodney L. Derbyshire+
Sharon Castilla
Judy Chang
Louise Cheng
Ka Man Louise Cheung
Betsy and Nick Clinch
Ms. Carolyn L. Compton+
Jeanne Cooper and Ian Hersey
Amy and Jeff Crowe+
Cecile Currier
Julie Johnson Davis+
Peggy and Reid Dennis+
Karen and Bruce Douglas
Roisin and Fergal Downey
Carrie Drake+
Ann Draper
Carrie and Grant DuBois
Elizabeth and Peter Dumanian+
Janet Eichel
Marshall Elfstrand
Gil Ellenberger++
Callie Elliston and Jerome Huck+
Fran Escherich++
Erik L. Feldman+
Jan and Bob Fenwick
Jeff and Edith Fisher+
Ann and Alan Fleishman*+
Leigh Flesher and Mark Bailey
Cynthia and Bill Floyd++
Theresa M. Frank, D.D.S.++
Karen Fredrickson
Geoffrey Fuller
Jamie and Megan Gershon
David and Mary Goodman*++
Sheila and Alan Gordon
Alexander Haedrich++
Ruthann Richter Hammer+
Tom and Carolyn Harder++
Tim Harper
Jeanne Harvey
Sheryl L. Heckmann+
Janette Herceg
Toni and Michael Heren++
Tracy and Maie Herrick
Jan Hickman
Mahbobeh Hirmand and Barry Zwarenstein
Susan and Chris Hoebich+
Myron and Linda Hollister++
Betsy and Stephen Holquist
Greg Hrasok
Doug Huestis
Leslie Itano and Jerry Chang
Scott and Julie Jackson+
Anna and Rudolph Jaklitsch, Jr.+
Lindsay Jarrett Smith
Jane Johnston
Sarah and Clay Jones+
Paula Jones and Rick Coverdale
Nancy and John Jorgensen
Juniper Networks
Ann and Duane Kalar++
Kristin Kerman
Craig King
Barbara Kitchen
Stanley Schrier and Barbara Klein+
Milton Klein*+
Mary Kneip
Kathleen Koenen
Vicki and Paul Kojola*++
Koji Kuramatsu
Vicki and Peter LaBosky+
Ellen LaPointe
Helen LaRash
Laura and Gary Lauder+
Barbara Leighton and Philip Green+
Deborah Levin+
Louise Levy+
Charlene Liao, Ph.D.+
Linda and Sidney Liebes, Jr.++
Boon Lim
Doris Lin
Janet Littlefield+
Los Paseos Aquatic Club+
Homayoun Lotfi
Pilar Manjarrez
Carol and Nubar Manoukian
Priscilla and Tony Marzoni+
Karen and Bruce McCaul++
Mr. Forrest and Dr. Heidi McHugh Pendleton+
Jeff McKittrick
Penny and James Meier++
Bob Meltzer++
Ed and Sumaya Miner
Maureen and Jim Missett
Lynn and Dave Mitchell++
Siv Modler
Sue Monjauze*++
Don and Julie Moseman+
Joe Motta and David Jordan
Tracy and Leland Muckey
Valerie Newman+
Sheraden Nicholau
Geoffrey Nilsen
Louise E. Noble and Jack A. Lutzow++
Jill and Geoffrey Parker+
Nancy and Bill Parker*++
Emma-May Paulson
Peninsula Parlor
Christopher Peter
Munro Proctor, M.D.
Teri and Keith Raffel
Gina and Michael Rayfield*+
Gayle and Hank Riggs
Robin Riviello
Carolyn Rogers and Tom Stepiens
Nancy and Emery Rogers+
Linda and Dennis Ronberg
Barbara and Andrew Rosenberg+
Nancy and Norm Rossen+
Daniel and Lynne Russell+
Shaila and Hartmut Sadrozinski
Ferrell and Page Sanders++
David Sanfilippo
Emily Scheinman
Frances Tracy Schilling+
Kathryn Schmidt
Michelle Scoville and Michael Burke
Jeanne and Walter Sedgwick
Ruth Seung
Ken Severson
Ronald Meckler and Bella Shapero
Ellen Shay and Ted Selker
Gene and Vilma Sinclair
Kathryn and Ujjwal Singh
Carol and Gail Siri++
George Skarpelos
John Skarpelos
Peter Skarpelos
John Slafsky and Amy Rosenberg
Kristine Hendrickson and Niels Smaby+
Harald Smit
Alice Smith
Ann Warren Smith+
Lisa and Brian Smith
Nicki and Marshall Smith
Rebecca Smith and Thomas Tseng
Stephen and Paula Smith+
BJ Sorensen++
Becky and Bob Spitzer++
James Stafford
Diana Stanton
Bonnie and Lee Stone
Bonnie and Brian Street++
Lisen Stromberg and William Rossi
Elaine and Joe Tanner++
George Ting
Katherine Untch+
Jennifer and Ryan Valentine
Janet and Hal Van Zoeren++
Joe and Linda Vargas+
Rhonda M. Vargas++
Judy and Gerron Vartan++
Jeremy and Andi Vartanian Dehne+
Celia Walker+
Jacqueline Walker
Janet Walworth and George Hohnsbeen+
Anthony Wan
Deborah and Peter Wexler
Marilyn C. Wiebenson++
Yvonne Wolters and Ed Jones
Stacy Wong
Barbara and John Woods++
Thomas B. Wylegala+
Landon Yamaoka
Charles Yanofsky++
Judy and Alan Zafran
Cynthia Ziebelman
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In-kind and Vehicle Donors

Eric Benson
Blackstone Discovery
Books, Inc.
Susan Bradley Photography
Michael Budincich
Café Borrone
Susan and Jeff Cashen
Sharon Castilla
Lori Coon
Costco Mountain View
Crowne Plaza Cabana Hotel
Bridget and Cully Davis
Elizabeth F. Gamble Gardens
Equine Wate Mangement - Wheeler Farms
Esther’s Bakery, Los Altos
First Congregational Church of Palo Alto
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Gotla+
Roberta Hale
Lisa and Greg Hartwell
Hobee’s, Palo Alto++
House of Bagels, Palo Alto+
IBEW 332
Izzy’s Bagels, Palo Alto+
Jax Vineyards
Jersey Mike's
Anil Kamadh
Stacey Keare and John Hodge+
Kepler's Books
Kiwanis Club of Palo Alto++
La Baguette, Stanford+
Ladera Travel
Bernadette Lau
Francis Laurenzano
J. Leibobitz
Jiping Li
Chris and Dan Logan*+
Christina Ma
Menlo Park Presbyterian Church
Milk Pail Market, Palo Alto+
Mary Miller and Fred Linker
Palo Alto Weekly++
Jennie Payne
Peabody Fine Art Gallery
Peet’s, Los Altos+
Peet’s, Palo Alto+
Gina and Mike Rayfield+
Rebuilding Together Peninsula+
David and Judith Richardson++
Linda and Joe Roark
Rojoz Gourmet Wraps
Klaus Rose
Sigona's Farmers Market
Sipkje European Skin Care
Snip-Its Town and Country Village
Lynda Steele*+
Susie Cakes
Douglas Tao
Trader Joe's
Katie Tupper
Victory Martial Arts
Lisa and Mark Wan
Vivian Warffuel
Kapila Wijekoon
Russell Williams
Winter Lodge
Debbie Wittick
Joan Worley
Les and Micki Zatz+
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gifts were given in memory of

Bill and Allen Akers
Baxter Armstrong
Richard Bartolotti
Bo Rachel Bennett
Joan Berkett
Robert Bonnici
Barry Breidenbaugh
Lillian Butler
Mrs. Carlson
Harry Coblentz
Nancy Colella
Sophie Davidoff
Grace M. Foley
Louise Theresa Freitas
Robert L. Granath
David "Super-Dave" Hahn
Carole Lingg Harden
Mary Elizabeth Huntley
James Jarrett and Martha Thompson
Aiko Jio
Bob Jones
Fran Klein
Elizabeth C. Knofloch
Celia Larsen
Steve Liebes
Jane Mangold
Mark McDonnell
Jimmy Montgomery
Boyd C. Paulson, Jr.
Gus Podlovits
William Sidney Poulson
Claire Puglisi
Don Quackenbush
Mary Richardson
Priya Sadrozinski
Marlene Saloner
Ralph Scheer
Doc Sencenbaugh
Carol Sheldon
Genelle Simoni
Robert J. Smith
Carsten and Constance Sonnichsen
Rosie Strom
Martha Thompson
Matthew Turbow
Jay Turnbull
Karl and Connie Untch
Joseph Vargas
Betty Wright
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gifts were given in celebration or in honor of

Mary Ellen Akers
Jennifer Bailard
Josh Bettinger and Dana Hehl
Robin Berman
Xander Michael Brooks
Marcie Brown
Jeff and Debbie Byron
The Carver Family
Diane Chang
John Austin Collins
Amy and Jeff Crowe
Denise Savoie and Darrell
Kim Dvorak
Ellen and Tom Ehrlich
Heidi Feldman, M.D., Ph.D
Chelsea Fineberg
Jan and Jack Lapidos
Jackie Frantangelo
Reevu Ghosh
Rosanna Gold
Hannah Gonzales
Michele and Michael Greenfield, M.D.
Geri Hadley and Ron Coté
Molly and Jeramy Hale
Sara Hammond
Susan and Harry Hartzell, Jr.
Jane Hinton
Wende Hutton
Pat Irish
Scott Jackson
Tracey Jarrett
Laurie Jarrett and family
Dr. Donald H. Jolly
Bob Jones
Ellen Jones
Jere King
Milt Klein
Vicki Kojola
Amber Levine-Mickel
Gini Lilani
Dashiell Meier
Karen Moore
Sheraden Nicholau
The Optical Associates Employees
Patti Plummer
Boyd C. Paulson, Jr.
Patti Plummer's birthday
Mike, Gina, Charlotte and Sam Rayfield
Soheila Razban
The Reed Family
Andrew Romzek
Bud Rubin
Priya Sadrozinski
Luke Segars
Lynda Steele
Drew Thorne
Shari Tobias
Ellen and Mike Turbow
Robin Turk
Connie Untch
Cynthia Van Zoeren
Robin Vargas
Ava Villareal
Hans and Elizabeth Wolf
Kelly Wong
Betty Wright
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Abilities United salutes our caring circle members
Legacy Donors

Martin M. Berndt
Carolyn and Richard Brennan
Elinor and Eric Burns
Carolyn Caddes and Robin Robinson
Patricia J. Campbell
Linda and Ray Chin
Mike and Beth Connor
Marla J. de Broekert
Carrie Drake
Ellen and Tom Ehrlich
Linda and John L. Elman, J.D., CLU
Heidi M. Feldman
Jerianne Foley
Bonnie Flanagan
Karen Gaydon and Geoff Badger
David and Mary Goodman
Geri Hadley and Ronald Coté
Harry and Susan Hartzell
Robert and Ruthann Herendeen
Pat Irish
Jacqueline S. Thielen
Laurie and Jim Jarrett
Vicki and Paul Kojola
Wendy Kuehnl and Porfirio Ortiz
Terry Lachenbruch
Ginny Langmuir
Carol Leynse
Chris and Dan Logan
Juanita Mast and Jeanne Duford
Sue Monjauze
Karen Moore and Peter Watkins
Donald Ostrus, D.D.S.
Jane Paulson
Richard Pospisil
William and Ann Poulson
Gina and Michael Rayfield
Judith and David Richardson
Bud Rubin
Lynda Steele
Maddy and Isaac Stein
Heloise and Howard Stewart
Daren and Mitchell Tuchman
Ellen and Mike Turbow
Beth and Kurt von Emster
Mary Ellen White-Vondran
Christine Wyborn
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Endowment Donors

Anne N. Baldwin
Blue Oak Foundation
John M. Bracken
Carolyn Brennan
Debbie and Jeff Byron
Carolyn Caddes
Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching
Moses and Allyson Cesario
Linda and Ray Chin
Mike and Beth Connor
Marla J. de Broekert
Mary and Stan Doten
Ellen and Tom Ehrlich
Linda and John L. Elman, J.D., CLU
Shirley Ely
Rosemary and Alain Enthoven
Estate of Martha W. Thompson
Ruth Emily Fish
Ann and Alan Fleishman
Jerianne Foley
Carol C. and Joel P. Friedman, M.D.
Karen Gaydon and Geoff Badger
Lynn and Jim Gibbons
Betsy Gifford
David and Mary Goodman
Joe Graham
Susan and Michael Hahn
Susan and Harry Hartzell, Jr.
Ruthann and Robert Herendeen
Charles and Joan Horngren
Tim and Sally Howard
Pat Irish
Jacqueline S. Thielen Living Trust
Laurie T. Jarrett
Nancy and David Kalkbrenner
Suzanne Keith
Christina Kenrick
Milton Klein
Vicki and Paul Kojola
Terry Lachenbruch
Ginny Langmuir
Philip Letts
Phyllis Leveen
Jack and Sharon Levin
Chris and Dan Logan
Juanita Mast and Jeanne Durnford
Donald and Amalie Meyer
Cathy Crane Moley
Sue Monjauze
Elizabeth and Mark Moragne
Tami and Timothy Mulcahy
Lee and Merrill Newman
Betty and Donald Ostrus, D.D.S.
Nancy and Bill Parker
Polly and Hank Parker
Melinda and Stan Parry
Jane Paulson
Nancy and Steve Player
William and Ann Poulson
Public Welfare Foundation
Sally Rathman Kadifa & Abdo George Kadifa - The Rathmann Family Foundation
Gina and Michael Rayfield
Bill Reller
Judith and David Richardson
Jessie Schilling
Carol McIntosh and Larry Seiders
Pearl Anne Seipp
Joe and Christine Stafford
Peggy and Art Stauffer
Lynda Steele
Maddy and Isaac Stein
Stenn Family Foundation
Heloise Stewart
The Hans & Elizabeth Wolf Foundation
TOSA Foundation
Daren and Mitchell Tuchman
Ellen and Mike Turbow
Beth and Kurt von Emster
John F. Weigen, MD
Wells Fargo Foundation
Patty and Jim White
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